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Board Members

Brian Hebert


There are many wonderful fiddlers in and around the Ottawa Valley but few, if any, whose careers are built not only on their playing skills, but also on their mentoring abilities.

Brian is one of the best of the latter group. Born in the heart of the Ottawa Valley in 1954, Brian saw and heard Canadian fiddle legend, Ward Allen, in 1962 and was hooked on the fiddle.

For 20 years, he played shows and dances all over the Valley with his band, Colt, and during that time, also appeared with Mac Beattie on various radio and television shows. Brian’s "day job" is teaching and, with his education degree and a Music Education Certificate, he has brought the study of fiddle into his high school classrooms, establishing a credit course in Canadian fiddle. He has also taught at fiddle camps and been a judge at fiddle contests.

Brian has mentored and coached many young fiddlers and is a tireless ambassador for the fiddle.

Among his many achievements is his involvement in the creation of the Pembroke annual fiddle and stepdance competition. Brian was honoured by the Canadian Grand Masters Fiddling Championships organization for his contributions towards the growth and development of Canadian fiddling.

Brian has three recordings to his credit and has published a book of his compositions entitled, "New Generation Fiddle Melodies.”

Brian was inducted into the Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame in 2009.

Brian Hebert
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