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Tony Bove

On any given Thursday night, Tony is praised by a handful of listeners, and cursed at by hundreds of others.

Why, you ask?

Because as our bingo caller, the winners love him. Those who didn’t have any luck don’t quite see him in the same light. In fact, he’s been told many times that he “didn’t call the right numbers,” while his response is always “you didn’t have the right card.”

Armed with a great sense of humour and a zest for life, Tony is the man behind the microphone for one of VHR’s most popular programs. And even though the show is quite scripted because of time restraints, his personality still manages to shine through.

Tony also volunteers his time and talents for VHR as a musician, and when he’s not performing around the Valley, he’s sharing his musical passion with the Capital City Chorus as music director.

Tony and his husband Andy live near Pakenham where they enjoy the serenity, connection to nature, and sense of community that come with rural living in the Ottawa Valley.


Under the “B” – Be Sure. If you’re a bingo fan, be sure to pick up your cards and have that dial locked to 98.7 every Thursday at 7 o’clock sharp for Valley Heritage Radio/Arnprior Lions charity bingo. For only 6 dollars a card, you can take part and have a chance to win, as we give away a minimum of $2,000 each week! Plus many special weeks with even more prize money. Join caller Tony Bove each Thursday for your chance to win!

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